Be an expert in folding the perfect pocket square

Published: 07th March 2011
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A Pochette, also called a pocket square is a very important style element in every well groomed man’s attire. A pocket square brings the ultimate finishing touch to the suit it is worn with and adds to your style and elegance. So naturally, it becomes equally important to have the pocket square folded in the right way to complete the overall look of a formal suit. When done right, it brings the best out of the pocket square.

Many men wonder how to fold a pocket square and get the perfect look. There are many techniques of folding a pocket square. One can try out techniques such as Corners Up fold, the Flat pocket square fold, and the puff fold. Corners Up is the most common way of getting around folding the Pochette.

The Corners Up fold works out best for pocket squares which are made of linen of a thicker variety. Perfecting it takes some starching, ironing and three simple folds of the Pochette. Depending on the suit, one can try a one, two, or three pocket square fold.

The flat pocket square fold is a relatively simple technique of folding a pocket square. Here, the pocket square sits flat at the bottom and just about half an inch of the entire fabric of the Pochette stays visible outside the pocket. The flat pocket square works out well both those made from finest silk fabric. This style complements the looks of a formal black tie attire.

The puff fold is considered one of the easiest techniques in folding a pocket square. As the name suggests, this fold gives the pocket square a ‘puffed’ look. Silk pocket squares are the best for this fold. And the fold gets its refinement depending on the quality of fabric used in crafting the Pochette. This pocket square fold can be worn to business meetings and wedding ceremonies as well.

Apart from folding the pocket square the right way, it is important to buy one in a great fabric and design. Stanley Lewis is one of the better known brands for men's accessories and pocket squares and are popular for their excellent fabrics and prints in pocket squares. How to Fold a Pochette is just a matter of a few right folds and you get the perfect look.

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