2011 Spring Summer trends in Menís ties, menís scarf, menís socks and pochettes

Published: 04th April 2011
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Spring is just around the corner and itís time to put the woolen scarf away and bask in the sun. Spring fashion 2011 for men is all about menís accessories like menís socks, menís ties, pochettes and the menís scarf. All these have donned a new avatar for the coming season and are tailored to make you look hip, cool and dapper. Hereís a look at what Spring Summer 2011 holds in store for the metrosexual male:

Designer ties: As far as fabrics are concerned, menís ties remain classic in silk. Where you can experiment is with the width of your tie. Spring trends are leaning more toward the narrow blade in 7.5 cm. Wear your ties loosened at the neck with narrow-legged trousers and a fitted coat for a look thatís totally Ďnowí. Choose from plain colours to stripes, paisleys and checks. A surprise entrant this season is the bow tie. You donít have to wear a bow tie to only fuddy-duddy black tie dinners. You could even wear a polka dotted bow tie with a shirt, blazer and jeans for a funky, edgy look during a night about town.

Scarves for men: This spring, stash away your woolen scarf to the furthest confines of your closet. Bring out scarves in cotton and linen. If you donít own any, head to a good designer store or buy them online. Some brands like Stanley Lewis specialize in designing menís accessories. There are a wide range of scarves that you could buy Ė checks, stripes, paisleys, plaid or plain, in linen and cotton. There are also multiple ways to wear the menís scarf Ė as the ascot tie, the European knot or simply wrapped around the neck a couple of times. Wear a silk scarf like a cravat on formal occasions.

Menís socks: The hot new trend to hit the catwalks around the world is to match menís socks with ties. This is the perfect way to add balance to your wardrobe and break the monotony of wearing black, brown, blue and grey that have dominated your attire for years. Some menís designer brands offer menís socks that match with ties. For instance if you have a blue dotted tie, you could wear blue dotted socks with it. Youíll be pleasantly surprised to see how beautifully the look comes together with the perfect suit.

Pochette: The pochette or the pocket square is the perfect way to dress up any suit Ė even a semi formal one. You can let your imagination soar - mix and match different prints and fabrics with the right suit. For instance, if youíre wearing a beige linen suit with a white shirt, add a dash of colour like mint green, peach or ruby red in an exciting print. In this case, choose a silk pochette over a linen one. The key is to wear different textures; remember, never layer on the same textures.

With some of these pointers under your belt, youíre definitely going to be grabbing a lot of attention this season.

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